Saturday, November 14, 2015

Progress on Sophie's quilt

I have finally finished   block 3 of this block of the month quilt that I am doing.   Always a great sense of achievement you a finish the month.

What a great way to return borrowed pins!!!!!

I recently had a birthday and Suzie made this gorgeous pin cushion with a message say "just returning the borrow pins."  What a great way to return them, yes took me a while to see them too!!!
The cute little red and white flowers.

Thanks Suzie, l love it.
And justlove the wool feel, and that it is full of squishy walnut shells.

And the card.... How awesome, thank you.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Meet Goffrey!


I made this for a friend who loves her dogs.
As she is also a keen sewer there is plenty room or room to store the pins.
I made him from the sleeve of a woollen jacket, just love the achievement of recycling.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A new diversion!!!!

I have been wanting to learn fmq for a long time.

I have only ever done stipple stitch,  so I leaped  at the opportunity when I saw that  a workshop with Bev McClune.

I enjoyed day 1 so much i was lined up for a 2nd  day.

I have a long way to go, but here are the results this far.

Day 1
We learnt some basics of getting used to free flowing.

And at the end i put this together as a summary.

Day 2
We learnt lots this day and today I have put eveything learnt into practice.

Oh and what inspired me to just do it.  A blogger, Fiona  (Bugz Rugz) had some lessons a while backand  she is quilting beautifully now, so thank you Fiona for your past posts as it has inspired me to get stuck in and learn.

So.... If you have ever wanted to do fmq take the plunge! A whole new avenue!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A hop. skip and jump over the pacific....

to meet and do a fabulous  stitching workshop with Sue Spargo!!!!...
(another of my stitching  idols's)....

first  - we arrived into Auckland, then we went via Robyn's shop enroute to our 3 day Retreat
at Long Bay , north of Auckland!

fabulous views and gorgeous weather and a top location.

I was very excited to meet with  Sue Spargo as have followed her patterns and books for many years.-
We had 3 great days of stitching with a great bunch...
lots of cottons/embellishments  etc

and lots of ideas.
We each had to work on our own creative design,
still in early stages - so will be back with more to post down the track!!

Our table was made up of these great ladies,
Debbie/Robyn/Cindy/Charmaine/Suzie/Myself  and Judy (sorry she is on the end and pic not displaying her).

We have 3 very creative days and one of the days we had to create shapes with freezer paper - no drawings - way off my comfort zone but all fun.  I also took my last year's BOM to s how Sue which I have pictured  here.  

It was such a great workshop and a great team of ladies.
Some of whom Suzie and I had met last year.

A great few days - now back to the Oz and back to reality.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Side tracking for a new little project!'

Anni Downs patterns I find always hard to resist.

I purchased this new pattern pack a few weeks ago from Hatched and Patched , and  the project just jumped out of the packet and  wanted me to get  started....

I have to say I really love the size of this one, as it  is really thin on the sides, perfect for packing in when travelling, and  I love that it filled with  crushed walnut shells too!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This one is for Dzintra!!!

After seeing thar gorgeous Lemon cake on her blog, I had to try the recipe!!
It doesnt look anywhere near as appetising as Dzintra's  but it sure is yummy!!!

Off to have some now!!!! 
Oh, and I used oranges instead  of Lemons!!!

Another post!!!!

No not possible for  me to do 4 in one night!!!

I have been stitching on other things too, but nothing I can show just now!!!!
But stitching n e v e r stops at this place!!!
Its finding time to take pics!!!!

And yes a new other diversion!!!! Flannels!!!!

Just how can one resist  wanting to stitch with  flannels in this cooler weather!!
Just perfect to blow the cobwebs off the sewing machine too!!!!

After a few photo uploads and emails back and forth,  Kerry, from Cottage on the Hill ( who has such a great range of flannels) (Sorry cant work out hoe to "link", hopefully computer back soon so I can come back to link to her website) has sent me this great bundle!!!
So.... What does one do adter oohing and arhing!!!!

Cut it  up in a million pieces of course!!

And then what???

Start stitching it together!!!

Then what???

Watch this space!!!!!!
Ill be back!!!! 

A new pattern!''!

Anni Downs has released another irresistible "quick and easy" pattern.
Cant wait ti get stuck into it!!!

And... Who could resist another pin cushion, just never have enough of them!!!

A new diversion!!!

My blog posts are few and far between these days. We have been without the big computer device for several months now and it is such  a chore uploading from ipad, ho hum, but I thought it time for another post!!

This time for something a little different..... C r o s s     S t i t c h!
Something i havent done for a very long time!!   Karen from   "Linen and Threads" in Katoomba has put together for me amd it has arrived exactly as requuested in colours i wanted.

When I work  out how to attatch her link iIwill attach it.

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