Sunday, May 24, 2015

And.. This is what I made for my swap partner!

Have known Susan -   for many years and it was great to finally stitch for her as my partner. (Sorry having trouble with "link" )

This is the pincushion i made for her:

Opening Day for Pincushion Swap!!

The day has arrived to open our "Swap" pincushions.

Wow, I was out of bed early this morning to open this one, and have to say I am delighted !!!
Look what I have to received  by talented Marina from ( sorry not sure how to insert the "link" from ipad)..Still struggling uploading from ipad these days.

She has got me downpat really well, knowing I am partial to needleturn, Japanese yarndye/linens favourite fabrics and folk/naive designs. Love it.  Thank you Marina, I really like it and love that is big too!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

So wrapped up making for someone in a swap!!!

That I forgot someone was making for me!!'
Ooh how exciting this arrived for me today when I got home.
I am so looking forward to opening it on 24th!!!
I wonder who it is from?
Such a long time since i did a swap, forgot the excitement!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Missing from Blogland.... again!!!!!

 Yes I know I have been v e r y slow on blog updates.
I have however been visiting some lovely places in South of France.
I know other  peoples pics can be boring, but truly there we some fabulous little towns/villages and gorgeous scenery so thought I would post a few here:

It was rather cold and around 3 degrees in places but it was the wind that made it the chiliest.

Beginning with Sydney, then Dubai, followed by Paris....

then south of Dijon as follows:

 A visit to the Mustard manufacturer and some wineries....
truffles, old buildings and Chaleau's

Locks and gorgeous old buildings

 pretty little towns....
Scenery and Provence... just gorgeous

more lovely buildings and castles/bridges

 and yes... wait for it, I managed to sniff out just the one Patchwork shop throughout.
I had lots of "old world charm".

now, best I get back to some stitching
so that I have some real sewing pics to show!!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A v e r y belated post!!!!

 Continuing on from Nundle - March 2015.
We had a swap that we organised amongst the bloggers.
I have already posted the lovely gift which I received from the talented Dale - a block keeper.

This is a pic of the one that I did of my own "Dawnies pattern"  - I called it a "Retreat" emergency kit.
It contained all those things that you need and can easily leave behind, and something that can be thrown in as an "essential at the last minute".

Suzie was the winner of this one .  Sorry I didnt get a picture of her with it.


ps sorry for the delay in posting, but camera has been off to the doctors complete with card.
It retuned today and everything is now fixed and card still in tact.  Yippee, so... first cab off the rank was to do a post.

and... another Belated " nundle post"!!!!

You see my Camera which I didnt think was "fixable" has just returned from the fixers today.
I was so excited to find my card still in with the pics that I hadnt yet downloaded!!!!!!

This is a pic of the project I made with the stitcher from Lynette Anderson given prior to the workshop day.

I decided to make a journal cover with it and a non blogger was the winner.

I have shown already the gorgeous one that I received from Susan, whom made a lovely pincushion.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Swap gift.

We had a swap gift at the Workshop with a Lynette Anderson design.
I was so delighted to have received this gorgeous pincushion from Susan.

She does the finest beautiful work:

My swap gift was won by  a non blogger 
Unfortunately I dont have a pic of it just now
as it is on the broken camera, but I will post it eventually.

GDITC 2015

Another March comes around to celebrate with some great bloggers who have now become such wonderful friends. So many girls travelling from so far away to enjoy a weekend of stitching  
chatting at the Annual event in Nundle which Kerry does an awesome job of planning.

This year we had loveyl Tutor Lynette Anderson for the 2nd year - it was soo good to see "sew" many finished projetcs from last year:

so... some pis to show of this fabulous weekend.....

this is  pic of this gorgeous little town of Nundle

Our cute little bags full of goodies
and our project for this year an Easter Hexie Table mat.

Unfortunately not much progress for me, 
which is typical of my workshop productions!!
too  much chatting.... but it will get finished - watch this space.

then there was show n tell from the completed 2014 projects.
It would have to be a record of finishes of the years that I  have been going.

and then there was the "Bloggers" swap.
I received this lovely block holder from Dale.
She must have heard me screaming for one of this...
oh and complete with an Anni Downs tracing for me to Stitch.
Just perfect - thanks Dale - love it.

more pics to come!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Progress on Annie's Natures Journey!!!

I have been stitching away with a Stitch - a - long
of a team of ladies making 
Annie Downs Natures Journey.

February was to stitch all the blocks int he first project.

With a few modifications  "Dawnifications" along the way.
this is my progress thus far.

Finished on deadline - today...
now ready for the next month's one.

I wonder if I will keep up.

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