Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Nundle Finish!!!!!- Lynette Anderson's Sewing bag

This is the first finish out of 5 Nundle Trips!!!!!

Yah - am soo excited!!!!!!
However..... just few little "dawnifications" on the way.

Hope all yours are coming along too!!!!
Looking forward to seeing some finished ones.
I know that "Sam" has finished hers to!

Nundle Continues....

... I forgot to mention that purchased some of these yummy home cooked relishes and Jam from the Lovely Kate.

she does a top job and we have demolished half already.
Just got to love home cooked food!!!!

Thanks Kate

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Swaps in Nundle!!!! a belated post!!!!!!

oops - I forgot to post about the swaps in Nundle this year.
On Friday - Chooky organised a Fake/Make/Bake it swap, so I chose to "Make".
I made the following little mug which I put a little tea infuser and tea bags as a "travel item" as one never has enough tea bags on the road.

I am not sure who received it, but hope they liked it.???


I received from Hannah (aka Allison - no blog -yet! Kate's friend)
this gorgeous little tin full of trims and lollies.
Thank you Allison - very cute and LOVE the trims inside.

Kerry organised a "swap" for Stitching day and Lynette Anderson supplied us with a pattern.
I made this little needlebook which I ended up appliquing  instead of stitching.

I havent taken a picture of the one I received from "Melinda" (non blogger),
but will be back in the next few days to post here.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Purse finish!!!!!!

I purchased this little kit from Lynette Anderson a few months ago 
and must say it was a great little project to put together.

Nundle Progress... and "Hexies"!!!!

Well I am really trying this year to complete a Nundle project.
am really pleased to say that I have actually managed to sew the   individual hexies together!!!!
of the cute little bag pattern/kit that was our workshop piece which our Tutor Lynette Anderson had designed and our host Kerry from Cottage on the Hill had packaged up for us.

Yep the whole 96 hexies stitched together!!!!

I thought I was going well until I skipped over the "Sam's" blog and saw
that she has already stitched them all together 

I always wonder if it is just me that struggles with hexies!!!
(I am trying so hard to like the littler blighters to)

My scenario:
The cotton  always catches onto the the corner of another hexie and I have to stop and  unwrap
I am constantly pricking my thumb as the needle comes through - ouch
the cotton always breaks
so......... it is one "grrrr after a another"......

but... I  am trying to like them!!!!!!!!

If anyone has any tips on having  a smooth application of piecing them together I would love to hear!!!

Maybe it is a Left handed thing, as these seem to be the only thing I ever struggle with!!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely "Stitching " weekend.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

GDITC = NUNDLE 2014 !!!!!

What can I say....... another year with many of the blogging world.  Words just cannot describe how fabulous it is is to catch up with people in blogland back at the same event.

Another fabulous year!!!!!

Thank you ladies for an other great  "Annual Event", great to see you all, even though time is limited to catching up with each of you.

FRIDAY - arrival day after a long drive to get there traveling with my Stitching buddy - "Suzie" - we headed for  bit of retail therapy at Kerry's shop - Cottage on the hill!!!
Kerry does a great job to organise this "annual" event.

The great little country town has a few fabulous shops.
These are a few conversation pieces I purchased from the local Broom/Kitchenwares shop.
 Can you guess what the interesting piece of work is on the left.?????

It was a 'must have' so founds its way to the car  come to come home for the journey.
You should have seen my husbands expression when we arrived home with - what on earth???
thought you were going to a stitching workshop????

Saturday  - Stitching day - with Lynette Anderson!!!!
this year we had the lovely Lynette Anderson as our tutor for the dah.

The hall was filled with many eager stitchers!!!
We were welcomed with these bright blue boxes , wondering what our project was for the day!!!

It was a lovely little stitchery Bag - that Lynette Anderson has designed for our workshop.!!
Here we are along with a few of the girls and the blogging group that meet up each with year
for the "Annual " event.

Above  Lynette, Suzie and myself,
then - Shez, and Cheryl (who had travelled many  miles to meet many of the bloggers)
Chookyblue - who has a gold star for working so hard
and the bottom pic is some of the bloggers with a few missing - Suzie, Peg and Dale!!!

 Oh and another face to put a name to - Kez - emailed in the past
however never met - so great to put a face to the name

It was such a big day stitching, was the evening was spent relaxing whilst we we await a lovely BBQ for dinner.
some of the bloggers
(sorry will get all the links in over the coming weeks11s))
This was followed by "Show n Tell" of some of the quilts we had throughout the year.
Above - Chookyblue/Dzintra/Susan/Maree/Cheryl/Ann/Lynda

a Fabulous time and I will post some more pics
as time kicks in.

Back to normal routine tomorrow so just wanted to post a few now
Fabulous weekend - thank uyou ladies.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A bit of Paradise.

I have just returned form a fabulous well rested week in Fiji.
These are a little bit of the scenery we saw.
I cannot believe I found this gorgeous shell just strolling along the beach, and this little sand crab did a fabulous pose for me that I had to make him part of the collage!!  The sunsets were awesome.!!!

A little bit of stitching was done in the relaxed afternoons, but during the day it was full on.

 We were very lucky to have escaped the hurricane that was expected
which we were told when we arrived!!!!

This is one of the local villages we went too and they are soo into handicrafts.
This was a table piece that one of them had made
which ended up coming home with me.

this trip was the best I have even done in the way  of snorkelling,
what we saw was just out of this world!!
 Oh to see little Nemo in real life!!!! just gorgeous
and the Coral - just unbelievable colours

 These caves were truely amazing too!!!!

Now back to reality..... work tomorrow....
then Nundle on Friday.... yippee!!!!

more stitching fun!!!!!

A little bit of stitching!!!!

Working on a swap piece!!!!!

Just a bit of fiddling!!!

Even though someone makes it difficult at times!!!!

This little basket was looking a bit bare!!!

so..... I made a roof to "house" the cottons!!!!

Then there was a Quilt that some of the online Stitching Group put together for a friend.

We were all so pleased with the results and this is how the finished quilt looked with the very lovely Lorraine
Photo borrowed from Razzy - thanks Razzy !!!!

Oh my goodness - a long time since blogging!!!!!

Not sure where to start.....
but have decided to start where I last dropped off.


These pics are from my recent trip to Japan

 Travelling with my "Stitching" friend Suzie.
Between us we do some damage, but all in good fun.
 These gorgeous little pins are handmade
and we just couldnt leave them behind - they are soo minuature
This needle is handmade and as sharp as razors.
 Some other gorgeous handmade pins

 The Theme for the show this year  seems to be based on the  Moomin Valley Characters and this is the pic of Yoko's quilt that was on the  Event picture for this year.
(I hadnt heard of these Characters before, so it was an eye opener for me).

These are pic of the Moomin Valley Characters

 These are a few pics of the lovely array on other quilts based on the this Moomin Valley theme

 This Silloutte one was my favourite.
Just love how effective it is!!

 And of course so many other lovely quilts.
This one here made up of small pieces to create this Picture!!
 .. and a close up of the flowers - so much work gone into this one.
 This one below was just a series of maroon shaped stuffed circles on a quilt.
Again soo much work.
 Then of course plenty of other gorgeous quilts with lots of hand quilting.
Photos just dont do the justice, but truley amazing.

 "needless" to say, we managed to purchase some goodies to bring home.

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