Sunday, August 24, 2008


Time to doing MORE sewing , and to MINIMISE the blogging for the week - well its a thought anyway!!
Being new to the Blogging world, I have spent the entire week, Blogging instead of sewing. I can't believe that little half hours turn into hours! I have been madly looking to see if anyone has started their Angel projects. I have managed to find out some info about my Angel partner - who doesnt have a Blog, but hopefully she will soon so I'll keep you posted as time goes by. Iknow I cannot say who she is, but there is no reason why I cant put some clues out there. She lives overseas, is into fabric which I havent even heard of, so I have been researching that one. Now that I have discovered these fabrics, it is extremly different from my own personal style, so it should be an interesting result. I think that I will end up doing a mix of my own style too, but it is all in good fun.
Anyone have any updates on their projects????

P.S. I wonder if I spotted a "clue" on my Angel's blog today!!! I couldnt be that lucky - one could only wish if it were her!!

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