Sunday, August 10, 2008


Gee a big thank you for the encouragement from all the bloggers who had words of encouragement. I have not logged on for a few days so was very surprised to have over 20 readers check and say hi.

Looking foward to posting more pictures and comments as the weeks move on, and particularly look forward to finding out more about the Secret Santa Swap and who my partner will be!!!


Renee said...

Hi Dawn, I just started my blog also. Well, last year to be exact. I did it to keep up with the Quiltville mystery quilters. It's been a fun experience, if I can only remember to put up a post. This is my first Secret Santa, so I'm looking forward to the swap. Have a great sewing day and keep up the great work. Renée

Margaret said...

G,Day I am new to blogging, and quilting. My daughter got me started on a quilt last year, when she was given a bag of U.F.O. . In the bag was all the pieces cut out for a hexagon quilt and all the papers cut along with the templates. You can see one of the finished quilts on my site. Isn't it nice to get a comment I received my first comments yesterday. I am also finding it awkward to navigate the blog with "things" counters, maps. weather etc. We will learn. Cheers Margaret

Jacquie said...

This is a beautiful quilt, Dawn. I love all the black (or dark). Have a great week.

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