Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Gee, I am slow off the mark. I didnt think to check my actual "blog link" address by clicking on it from Helen's Angel Blog until just now, and guess what... I have obviously given Helen the wrong address initially, as it defaulted to something way different. Of course Helen was pronto to fix this for me, and I am now back up and running, so hopefully I will hear from some more angels soon.

I am sure that all you Angels are switched on, and have already checked your link address, but if it slipped your mind like me, (plus the fact that I was new to blogging, and it was all just toooooooo new), then just double check it in case someone wants to contact you.

I have finished the first of the Angel projects for my swap partner. She likes "early century" matierials, however, these are hard to find around here, so I have opted for the Paisley's, and as green is my current favourite colour I also opted for that. Hope she likes it.


chrisi said...

ich bin auch ein Stitching Angel,ich liebe eure Art zu sticken und zu nähen,dein Blog ist toll, liebe grüsse aus der Schweiz Chris i hope you can translate my text, im not so good in englisch write,read goes better

Jo in Tas said...

Looks great Dawnie, I enjoyed making this too!

Jeanette said...

Hi, I am an angel, checking in to say hi =0)

I like how it turned out and I am sure your swap recipient will love it too. You did a great job.

Julie said...

Dawnie, keep it up. You have a fun blog!! I am going to check my blog address now.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the stitchery on your header. You always have the cutest things posted.

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