Saturday, November 15, 2008


aah............there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy with a girlfried!!
That has been me for the past 10 days when we left the boys at home and took off to Kula Lumper. Unfortunately, there wasnt much sewing done, and now with not being able to take needles or scissors on the aircraft, there is much airport sewing that one cannot do these days.

We had some great experiences - the first - was the "new" idea of the "fish feeding frenzy" - yes yuk, but my girlfriend had got so much mileage about telling everyone else that she was going to do this, that I had to make sure it happened!!! Into the Health Salon we went, and she then said that she would have a pedicure instead, however, I wasnt going to let her get out of this new idea of fish feeding on skin.
Close your eyes if you dont want to view, but surprisingly, the fish were very little - so many of them. Cost was around AUD$16.00 and included a head and shoulder massage - money well spent.

Next the Food Markets/China Town/Muffins the size of soft drink Cans/Lots of great shopping centres. Here are a few pics if you are interested.


Jo in Tas said...

EEeeewwww, don't think I'd like fish nibbling on my tootsies!!
Sounds like you had a fun time

Julie said...

Wow, a fish pedicure!!
I gave you a blog award. Visit my blog to find out about it!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope you had a brilliant holiday in Malaysia!!

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