Monday, January 19, 2009


Jo Jo is having a giveaway for her 100th post. You have to name 3 craft things you cant live without then post them on your blog.

Mine are:
1. sewing compendium which contains my bits so they are always where I can find them
2. my Elna sewing machine which is over 30 years old - light as a feather, does the basic of stitches, but I can pick up and take anywhere. Has sewn 100's of kilometres over the years and still going strong.
3. my covered rotary board which is perfect for travelling or doing workshops - not that I have time I might add, but am sure I will do many when I retire some day. The back if padded so that I use it as an ironing ledge for ironing the bits, and on the inside I have felt to put the bits on before I sew them together.


Jo in TAS said...

That compendium looks so cute and I've got a little itty bitty elna too, it belonged to my grandma!

Julia said...

Your Annie Downs bag is really lovely - almost too nice to use:0)

Dawn said...

Your compendium is too cute! Did you make it?

2ne said...

This was a great idea. Have a kreativ day

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