Tuesday, January 6, 2009


May Britt and
from Tag-along-Teddies are hosting a Project a Month Challenge. I have put the link on my sidebar.
Here was I thinking I was going to be organised this year and these girls are all aready onto it.


May Britt said...

Have to answer you this way as I can't manage to reply on your emailadress......gets failure all the time

And I thought I was all alone with all my projects hehehe

I have added you to the list. Please add the badge on your sidebar and make a monthly list of your finished projects under it.

And report back to Kris your finishes.

Today I printed the stitchery for the sewing roll. Have got the flu now with coughing and coughing so I will stay home from work tomorrow and maybe I can trace it then.

Want to make it :)

Good luck on your finishes.

May Britt

Sonia said...

tagged you.....thanks for inspiring me...

West Michigan Quilter said...

Just had to tell you how much I love your blog. My favorite thing is to blog surf and see what projects other quilters have done. I love all your great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

mamaspark said...

You are a brave soul! Good luck with all these finishes!!

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