Monday, March 16, 2009


I have disappeared from cyberspace over the last month or so. Life has been very hectic and it has taken a while to have the girls settled into Uni life - not to mention the expense.

If only I had know how much, I would have started saving when they were babies.

I have also just returned from Fiji as spent a week away working of course. Some great place were sought - such a lovely place for a holiday. Shame I didnt have the family with me.

Now - its time for some sewing. Whatever that means, seems like forever since I picked up the needle and cotton.


Julie said...

Those pictures are fantastic! Fiji is so exotic-sounding to me. Would love to go there one day.

Margo said...

Oh my what beautiful pics...looks like a paradise and a place one could really get use to...Miane

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