Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have been away again for the past week. I took one of my daughters on a surprise holiday as she has been studying extremly hard in Uni and needed a few days R&R. The only information that she had was that we were going to Sydney for a couple of days. You can imagine the "Surprised" face when we rocked up at the Cruise terminal and I told her we were going to NZ on a cruise and were having a few days before we fly back home. She just couldnt believe it and was very grateful that I had packed her passport.

Being the ever addicted patchworker, I managed to sneak the ferry over to Devonport to visit the local patchwork shop over there Cushlas. Of course, I just had to purchase a few bits and pieces.

the deal was - she was allowed to jump the tower, if I was allowed to do the Patchwork shop - pretty good deal I thought.


Margo in Maine said...

Sounds like hubby kidnapped me for an overnight a few years ago was a fun time...surprises are nice...

Sarah said...

WOW!! A cruise!! Do you want to be my Mum!! LOL
I hope you both had a great time
x Sarah

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