Monday, August 10, 2009


Oh yes, the exciting part - putting it all together. Always love when I have done all the preliminaries and finished the stitching, and cant wait to put it all together. This is the progression of my version of Rosalie Quinlan's Patchwork Village quilt:
Firstly - the soaking of the new fabric
Next the ironing to make all nice and neat
then the fun part begins - piecing all together.


Mama Spark said...

The stitcheries are great! Can't wait to see the quilt done!!

a good yarn said...

The block looks terrific! This is going to be a fabulous quilt. Ann :)

Roseanne said...

You work look lovely . I will have to come back and see it when you have done some more of your quilt.
X Razzy

Chookyblue...... said...

your blocks will look great..........I am sure you will have it finished by now.........

Owens Family Adventures said...

Morning! I just read your comment that you left for me on my blog and came over here to say hi.....can I also say that the block you show??? Yum! It is great! Your stitcheries are wonderful! Oh to live in wonderful Australia and have stitcheries everywhere I go...sigh! hahahaha

Sarah said...

Wow Dawnie! Your quilt is going to look fabulous! Love the first block you have put together! I am looking forward to seeing more progress pics.
x Sarah

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