Friday, October 30, 2009


I have just returned and thought I would share some of the pics that I took whilst away.
This one is Niagara Falls.

and this an aerial shot of Niagara Falls  from the Helicopter.

Toronto - we were lucky enough to view some Black bears

Toronto - myself and a lady at the botton of the huge C & N Tower

Enroute to Ottawa
Now I know why  we hear so much about the "Fall" colours
They were truely amazing.

Ottawa - this one of the hotels we stayed - they were all like Castles.
Just beautiful

Oh yes.... and it is Halloween this weekend in Canada.
I have never seen anything like it. Pumpkins everywhere.
Fantastic stuff.!!

En route to Quebec - can you believe we had a downfall of snow - the first for the season.
Looked just like a White Christmas - Truely amazing.  To think minus 3 degrees over there and 30 degrees back here in Australia.


Quebec City - this was at the bottom of our hotel - just a slight cover of snow now amongst the shops - we had to be careful not to slip over.  You can see the Funicular in the background which we rode to get back to the top - pretty steep.

Oh and some Tromp Loeil painting on the buildings - looks pretty realy hey!!

and the gorgeaous Fairmont Fronteac where we stayed - felt like another castle.

This was where we had lunch at where they produce Maple syrup etc - can you believe they actually set it on the ice when it is this cold - pretty tasty too.

Doesnt it look just bliss!!

Now this is truely amazing the fall colours AND snow - it was a case of four seasons in one day.

these are just a few pics, but am sure you all get the picture.
Was a truely amazing trip, and luck with any patchwork shops nearby, nor magazines.  I even tried to obtain the new Canadian one which was released about a month ago, but no where had any.


Jackie said...

We're thinking of vacationing in Maine next fall and we were thinking of spending a few days in Canada. After seeing your pictures, I don't see how we could pass it up!

Allie said...

Welcome home!!!! I love the Canadian side of the falls - did you ride on the Maid of the Mist? I'm sorry you didn't get to find any quilt shops or magazines, but it sure looks like you had a good trip!!!! I adore Toronto!

paulette said...

Thanks for taking me along on your holidays! Isn't Montreal a beautiful, historical city and Niagara Falls!Spectacular! Too bad about no quilting shops! :O( Bummer!
I so glad that you enjoyed yourself even with the snow!

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love Niagara Falls, but have never been to the other places you talked about. Now I want to go there too. Thanks for sharing.

Julia said...

Lovely, lovely photos Dawn ..... love the Autumn in the snow one!! Shame about the lack of patchwork shops - I'm surprised.

Back down to earth for you now that you're home - never mind!:0)

Chookyblue...... said...

so jealous.......would love to go to Canada

Anonymous said...

Now I am sure that you didn't see that bear in Toronto! :)...You were just down the road from me in Quebec City (230km)...Quebec city is the big city for me and there really aren't any quilting shops here! Why do you think we are (or maybe just me) crazy for Australian stitcheries! Fall leaves and snow and of course maple sugar! So Canadian. I'm glad that you had a good impression of us!

soggibottom said...

I love looking at other people's pics. Some places I'll never go to or never see. THANK any more?
Oh I know you have x x x Beautiful pics.....

Margo in Maine said...

Thanks for these gorgeous pictures...I have been to Niagara -Canadian side and it is beautiful but never to the other places..beautiful...

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