Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last weekend I snuck off to a Quilting sewing bee  with my bestest mate Suzie to Dorrigo.  We left the boys at home to get dinner ready, as we knew we would be too tired by the tiime we got home.

I was keen to to a workshop with the tutor  as I knew she had the same sewing machine as me, so that was great for some extra tips and to give mine a good test drive.

I looked att his quilt and thought oh yes, should have it tied over  in a day no problems - a nice easy one.  That was until we looked at  pattern and discovered there were at least 50 cuts for each square all itty bitt bits.  Can you believe it took all day to do just one square by the time we cut about 5 pieces of material into 50 bits, then sewed them all back together to get just one finished 14inch square.

As you can see from Suzie's expression did you talk me into this one??

Check out this little beauty - it is an old Singer sewing machine and sews beautifully.

These are some of the quilts which were on display from the other participants.

The Dorrigo Patchwork shop was only two shops away, so we all kept stocking up during the way.

It is always great to visit another patchwork shop.

and they had some great fabrics....

and these are the girls in the shop team

It was a fun day and was held at Dorrigo.  They do this as once a year and the retreat runs for the entire week.  We only experienced the day and it was the first workshop I have even attended, even though I have been sewing for years


Margaret said...

I did smile ah! the joys of having a piece of material and cutting it up to sew it together again, keep it up your new machine will be ready for a service when you are finished . On the serious side the Quilt looks a charmer.

Jackie said...

Cute quilt! It looks worth all the time you'll be putting into it.

I never expect to finish a project in class anymore!

Allie said...

That looks so fun! I love the quilt. But that's an awful lot of pieces, lol! I love Suzie's sewing machine.

I'm glad you had so much fun. I've never been to a workshop - one of these days I'll have to try one!

a good yarn said...

Dorrigo is a nice part of the world I hear. What a terrific weekend! Lots of lovely quilts. Ann :)

cold said...

They look absolutely gorgeous...your pain is positively rewarded.

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