Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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Does anyone else have trouble leaving comments on someones blog when it is in the above format???

Everytime I try and leave comments on blogs with the above set up, I type in my comment and when I press the "Post comment" box, the message just sits there??


If anyone knows the solution - can they plesae let me know.
i.  is is something that the "commenting blogger" needs to change in their settings
ii.  is it something that the "owner of the blog" needs to change in their settings???

if if so does anyone know what me/they need to change??

Many thanks if you can know the solution to this one.


anyone that has the following "comment" box on their blog - there is no problem??

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Chookyblue...... said...

I ususlly have to click the button twice as the first time doesn't work but it usually does the second time..........

May Britt said...

I know when I created our quilt guilds blog it first came up with that kind of comments. But after changing the settings for comments it disappeared and became like the one I have in my blog. So it is the blog owner that has to change it.
And I know that if this kind of comments appeares I have to log on to my google account to manage to send comments this way. It is a bit anoying and there is several blogs that refuses my comments.

soggibottom said...

I click away, in most languages and hope for the best. x x x
Russian just abouts beat me though.

simplestitches said...

same as Chookyblue, and it usually throws up another box so that you can sign into your account...then it goes back to the comment post, and you can continue on....
cheers Julz

Judith said...

I always have to click the button than 2 or more times and than it finally shows up.

Angelika said...

Sorry, I can´t help you, but I can tell that I have the same problem and it doesn´t help to sign in on my Google-account or to use my OpenID :-( It´s up to the blog-owner to change the settings and allow everybody to comment.

Sylvia said...

I have changed my comments section...I think. See if it works!

Sarah said...

just checking to see how yours works Dawnie

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