Sunday, December 6, 2009


Instructions for Dawnie's Christmas Apron  - 2009

You need:

A Set of 3 Tea Towels and some tape.
(or if doing a bit of what can I use in my cupboard - you may want to find a plain red for the 3rd tea towel and do some applique on it first themed in Christmas.)

• First – select the teatowel (horizontal striped one) that you want to be the back – you will only see the top half of this one. Lay this on your cutting mat and cut down to measure – approx 29.5” – you may want to unpick the ends to give you extra length, and trim town to 16”. Keep one of the sideseams in place, as you can use this as the top seam - already done for you.  Therefore having to trim just one edge.

* Next – select the middle tea towel (Vertical stripes in my picture) – this will be the pocket  in the centre of apron, and you will only see a few inches of this one.
Litterally just fold this teatowl in half top to bottom and cut in half, keeping the already sewn seam at the top. You may want to cut down the sides to fit – mine finished measurement for this middle one was – 15.5” across and 13” top to bottom.

 • Next lay this middle tea towel on top (right side up)and measure in evenly from both sides – make sure you turn back a small ¼” seam side and baste into place.

Measure in 3.75” in off each side and sew a seam to form extra pocket.

With the 3rd teatowel - fold it in half lenghwise - you may need to unpick the seams on end for extra length.  Lay this 3rd teatowel on top so that you can see how the finished look will be, or...
if using a plain - say red tea towel here and you will need to apply the applique pieces before stitching it to remainder of apron.

This 3rd tea towel is stitched to the BACK of the apron, as it will be turned back to fron after seams are stitched.!!

ie sew in 1/4" in fromt the bottom along the raw edge - you are stitching on the back of the teatowel as pictured above.

Next - you will need to stitch the side seams - sew in approx 3/4" from each side and stopping 1/4" short from the folded edge.

Sew the top of side edge to the folded edge - just adjust to fit here

Turn inside out and iron well.

Turn inside out and iron well.

Align and chalk in a line from middle teatowel to the bottom edge - and stitch a seam here - I doubled back for re-inforcement here - do same on opposite side.

Next measure lenght of side straps and sew in place on the top two corners on the back.

Your finished apron to wear

Have Fun with your own variations - send me some pics of what you have created.
This is my first tutorial, so let me know if I missed out anything or if you cant grasp the instructions.!!!

And Best still- have a great Christmas to all you great bloggers out there.


Allie said...

Dawnie, this is SO CUTE!!! And quick, and easy - you rock, girl!

paulette said...

Dawnie, thanks so much for the tutorial!! Love this!! How can I squeeze this in before Christmas....?
Thanks cute!

Jo in TAS said...

Fabulous apron! Would make a quick and easy gift too!

Khris said...

I have put a link to your tutorial on my freebies blog if thats okay. Hugs Khris

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