Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Do you remember - Lenna Green  from The Stitching Cow  was having a giveaway for a brilliant Craft Light.

Well.....I was the lucky winner!!!!! 

Well I am to tell you it is a fabulous light and certainly puts out the light rays.  It has this great on/off switch that sits ont he floor, and it is just a tap with the foot to turn it either on or off.  Prettty neat.  I am currently using it in my sewing room, have had it out in the lounge room last week for some hand sewing - very light and easy to manouvre.

  IThe light itself came from Buster Lighting and they were very quick to deliver via courier.    I think it retails for around the $120.00 mark..  This is the contact if anyone is interested, and if so tell them that I sent you, as I told them I would post about it for any crafter who needs a good light and where to get one from.

Anyway - many thanks to Lenna for the fabulous competition, and good luck with your lovely patterns that you have for sale.  This is Lenna's link if you would like to pay her a visit.

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