Wednesday, December 23, 2009


How delighted was I to receive these great Christmas goodies from my girlfriend Suzie.

Not a bad cake - considering she said it is her first one she has ever made..
I wonder if she is telling porkies????
and I must say - very mourish - have to be careful not to be pulled over by the breatherliser after sampling this number.

and a great little sampler plate of White Christmas/Plum Pudidng miniatures ,Rocky Road & Apricot fruit roll.
Now - I will definitely have to get the receip for the Rocky Road - it was the "Choice" of them all.

and the Chef.... well here she is!!!
(doing the normal trick of shying away from the Camera!!!)

Thanks Suzie
The family have been enjoying demolishing them.

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Jackie said...

The Christmas goodies look really yummy! It must be difficult to stay away from them.

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