Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is the first block  I have done for a Stitching Group that I am in.
We all have to do the same block in whatever colour choice we want and are give a new block each month - so I guess it is a little bit like a Mystery Quilt.     Iam going to stick to the "Oriental" theme as have promised myseld that I am going to USE MY FABRIC STASH in 2010.  This is block one.

It is going to be very interesting seeing how they all finish up.


Jackie said...

Cute block! It's much easier to use your stash on individual blocks. It's great for those larger scraps.

Allie said...

Nice job, Dawnie! Love your fabric choice.

Anonymous said...


My guild did a similar thing last year. I too made (and kept!) the commitment to make the blocks only from my stash. It was wonderful to see all the same blocks turn out sooo differently based just on fabric choices. It was a blast!

Jenny said...

I actually did one of these quilt square every month things and actually made a quilt top but it was wayyyy too much stress. I'm all about the rag quilting now. Yours is beautiful, though.

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