Monday, March 15, 2010


What a Top Weekend and a top bunch of girls.
I have just returned from the Annual Girl's Day in the Country and this was my first visit.
I have finally met some of the bloggers I have been corresponding with over the past 18 months.

We did a great workshop with Annie Downs and really enjoyed her Trunk Show with all her goodies including some things for her new book. Cant wait for this one to be released!!!!

Kerry  from Cottage ont he Hill has done an amazing job once again to co-ordinate the whole thing so that it ran like clockwork.

Here are some of the pics of the weekends' experience.

Our projects were eagerly awaiting our presence

We received projects for
a Pin Cushion - still unfinished - will post later
a - needle book made from woollen felt project - not evern started yet
a material made jewellery box.- not started yet
there was too much talking going on all day
but I look forward to making them at my leisure and will post about them later.

Kerry who has worked tirelessley to get this orgnised
and the delightful Annie Downs

Judith - Lynda - Cheryl

Anita and Chookyblue



Just opposite was this great little woollen mill

Was great to actually see all the machines still in operational order

Part of Annie's Trunk show - great to see all her projects that are in her books
we saw lots of preview for her new book which all look fantastic.

Myself and Annie
She managed to save my disaster that I had created and written off!!

Shelley, Peg (in the tree), Fiona and Anita

Such beautiful countryside - this was the view from our room

Myself, Suzie and Fiona

Cheryl from Brisbane , Myself, then Bec from our FIS group

Just for fun some of the bloggers had a little swap going on - you had to make something starting with "N".
I just did a "Nundle Bundle" and did the following.  I believe it was Gay whom one this one.

and I received the following, but dont know whom to thank - had thought it was Peg, but she has just told me it was not her - so thank you to whomever it was???
"N" for nice chocolate
"N" for Nature animals

My Nundle projects are still getting pieced together so I will blog about them later.
and some of the bloggers:
and it would be natural to come away without buying anything
which included Kerry's new book "Dreaming of a White Christmas" - it is even packed with Recipes
and from what we sampled for afternoon tea.
you have to get a copy of this one - not to mention all her new projects - a great combination of food and sewing - any stitcher's dream.
and whom would have thought that I'd even end up buying an another recipe book, wh ich I picked up at Kery's shop - all full of good wholesome homecooked food/
Suzie read me the recipes enroute to Armidale and we were both drewlling by the time we got to our first stop in Armidale:


Chookyblue...... said...

it was so nice to meet you.....for a bunch of women some who have never met before we had a blast and enjoyed everyones company so well.......

Jo Jo said...

So glad to ear you had an awesome time at Nundle. The girls are all amazing and inspiring's like a weird bond of sistership with this lot of gals, they all rock! Umm...why was Peg in the tree???? She cracks me up! Luv JoJo xoxoxox

Jackie said...

It looks like a wonderful time!

Anita said...

So glad you came and we got to meet you Dawnie!!
I hope we haven't scared you away for next year!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Dawnie and it was so nice to meet you and Suzie.
Gosh we look tired in our photo don't we.... Should had added more makeup.
Love the photo of Peg in the tree.

Marj said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time together. I am going to a friends retreat in May and can hardly wait. Thanks for sharing your fun.

Allie said...

Oh Dawnie that looks SO fun!!!!! Looks like you got some great treasures too!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I thought it may have been you...the tree posting lady...LOL....LOL....awesome weekend Dawnie just so blessed that I have finally met you and Suzie.......Peg xxx

Kylie said...

Great photos, great times, great fun. So glad I finally got to meet you.

Bec said...

I am so pleased to have finally met you; and Suzy (she is so lovely!).... Peg and the tree was so funny....looking forward to next time....

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