Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am in an "online" stitching group.
We had to decorate a paperbag and send it to our  "swap partner" along with:
 *   two fat quarters of material,
*  a piece of trim and a button,
*   and a little stitchery. 
The above is the Decorated Paper Bag that I sent to Peg who was my swap partner -lucky me!!
Friday night was the opening and she has sent me a gorgeous Sewing Compendium, along with two of my favourite pieces of food.

In the Centre is a gorgeous stitchery she has done as a pin cushion, and she has added three beautiful handmde pins - one an owl - just love owls, laong with some scissors and a sewing fob. 

How lucky am I to have had such a lovely partner. Thank yo so much Peg.

Separtely, sent to me from Tereasa was this Fabric which I needed to make for her.

This  was a Challenge for me, as I really didnt know  what I would put together.
so... with a bit of throught, I came up with the following3  items:
A Book cover, for quilt progressions, plans /ideas etc.

And I hope Tereasa doesn't mind, but I added some extra fabric to make it go further to make
a Mini Sewing Compendium to hold the a small rotary cutter, mat etc when you need to travel light

And a fabric  booklet to hold all the different size needles that we need in the world of patchwork.

Tereasa's trip was the pink ribbon, so I used it behind an appliqued heart with a bit of padding underneath for a needle holder to keep when it is threaded and ready to go.

I did find it a challenge, but have enjoyed being in this swap.


Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful work sent and received has been a great swap.........

Jan said...

Wasn't it a great swap! Dawnie, you did such a lovely job - and such a challenge, too!

Allie said...

Wow - you did a fabulous job - and so did Peg - really great job on all of it!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love what you have made Dawnie, very nice Tereasa would have been so thrilled with all her was a fun swap glad you liked what I made..Peg xx

Suzi-q said...

you did a fabulous job on Teresa'a gift and the one from Peg is just beautiful

Tereasa said...

I was thrilled to bits when I opened my parcel, Dawnie. I know I did send you a challenge but I also new you could do it. I especially love what you did with the ribbon! That was so clever.

Angels Come to Play said...

Wow what lucky girls you both are, just beautiful work. Sounds like a fun swap.

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