Saturday, December 25, 2010


I had written this post last week when I received the my " Chookyblue's Secret Santa gift" from CJ but have had serious computer issues.  I have managed to obtain a few minutes when it was in a good mood this evening after shutting down several times, so whilst it is up and running, I will try and blog as much as I can:c

Wow did I get a shock when my Secret Santa parcel arrived.    It was for the Receipient that I actually made for in last year's Secret Santa.  Lovely CJ - Now was that pre-planned Chooky?? or was it a co-incidence.

I was soooo excited to receive a parcel - it is always lovely to receiving something in the mail.  I cant begin to tell you how much it still blows me away how "diciplined" all the "stitching world" people are.  Is great to be with so many likeminded people.

This is the gorgeous Christmas ornament that CJ has made - it looks lovely hanging on the tree - Russian Doll.

And today was the big reveal, when we could unwrap the pressies.
How excited was I to received these lovely gifts.
The candle mat is made of felt - just love this craft form.
and how practical is this quick unpick holder - CJ you must know that I can never find mine - this will be well used, and the gorgeous cover to keep it all together when not in use - thank you.
 And this table topper - just superbly stitched.  Thank you so much - it is so special to receive from another stitcher and is most appreciative.
I do hope you have a lovely Christmas also CJ (Catherine), as you will be able to step into Christmas Day now -in Canada, when ours is just finishing.

Such lovely gifts - I am very lucky
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Chookyblue...... said...

Hey Dawnie
Thanks heaps for being part of the SSCS 2010.........I had no idea I had reverse matched you this nice.........CJ has done a beautiful job on the gifts she the russian doll ornie.......beautiful runner and I love working with felt too......

hope the computer stops playing up.......

Allie said...

Oh sweetie what wonderful gifts!!!

Jo in TAS said...

Gorgeous gifts!

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