Sunday, June 26, 2011


What a weekend - no sewing but lots of miles travellled .

The first of weddings of  our daughter's "friends they grew up with"  It was held on the lovely Central Coast and  co-incendinentaly took place where I also spent my childhood days.  It was so lovely to re-visit this beautiful and picturesque penninsular and all  of the oh so familiar sights.

Why on earth would I have wanted to move away from this.

Anyway it was picture perfect for  wedding and not a breath of wind.
Killcare right opposite my old house

Wagstaff further around and where dh grew up

It was so lovely that our girls were also able to travel from their homes.

Pretty Beach where the wedding took place

and of course the gorgeous sunset at Killcare right opposite what used to be the local general store

This used to be the the local general store and where my first  job was  at$5.00  day!!

dh and the girls

and oh wow was I surprised to catch up by co-incidence with  friend I havent seen for over 19 years - she hasnt aged a bit on the the one on the left has.

anway - it will be back to the sewing this week
cant wait to read about the craft fair that a lot girls went to on the weekend


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wonderful photos Dawnie and it is a beautiful spot...fantastic photo of you with your girls...

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous spot and a gorgeous family to join you :)

paulette said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely girls and the beautiful scenery!! A perfect day for a wedding!

Vicki said...

Lovely photos, Dawnie. Looks like the bride had a wonderful day :)

Sarah said...

Sure is a beautiful spot! Love your pics!
Gorgeous family too :o)

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