Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'ROUND THE CLOCK" ------- I S B A C K !!!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Last year in October - I participated n "Helen Stubbings" Round the Clock stitchery.

 The idea was that you start off your own square which Helen provided the pattern for,  then send to the next person in your team of 4 people - along with any info you wanted to give them -ie colours you used etc etc.
Helen would then supply patterns  row 2, 3, then four fortnightly and after the last one it would be sent back to the person who started it.

 Well - this was very enjoyable  as it is always nice to stitch for someone else.and of course fun stitching for someone else.Ufortunately mine got lost in the mail, however, Australia posts hae done an  amazing job and were  able to be track it down - even though it was a long few months until they tracked it, I was delighted to receive it in the mail today - am over the moon in fact - it is just gorgeous.!!!
The "Team" have done an amazing job and I am still ooh ahing.

 Now the big questions
What do I make it into??

A n y   s u g g e s t i o n s???????

 I need to thank  these gorgeous ladies whom were in my  Team:

Thank you so much ladies - you really have made my day - you have all done an amazing job.

This is card that I sent initially with the cotton colours etc so each lady could complete as we go:

and wow an extra bonus - some gorgeous fabrics of Lynette Anderson's to co-ordinate beautifully from Jo.


Susan said...

What a lovely stitchery, Dawnie. Lynette's fabrics go beautifully with it - maybe make a cushion, or just put in a simple wooden frame.

Jo in TAS said...

Looks beautiful Dawnie! So glad it's made it's way home! I'm sure you will turn it into something beautiful and no doubt will find a use for those left over pieces of fabric.

paulette said...

Thank goodness they found it!! It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! No matter what you do with ...framed? Pillow? Wall hanging, Table topper...it it will be lovely!!

Kate-Show and Tell said...

Wow dawnie I love it....I am so glad Aust Post found it for you...What a waste if it had not gotten back to you.....I live the fabrics also....Have fun with it...

quilterliz said...

HI Dawnie. That is just beautiful. What great work has gone into it. Maybe it would look good as a cushion for a special spot on your bed, or favourite chair. Or maybe framed, would look terrific. Liz...

Margo in Maine said...

I don't have any suggestions on what to make...but wonderful...you must have been so pleased.

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