Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What do we work for???

To spend money on our "Stitching" of course!!!!!!

I ordered this from Sarah from Patchwork Plus a few weeks back and they arrived today.
Yippee more projects to start.  Her link is in my sidebar.

And whose patterbs are - "Anni Downs's - just cant help myself - love her work.
Is always fun to stitch and her instructions are always very easy to follow , and great results.

I will just have to keep spending so I can do some posts seeing that I cant put up any of the projects I have been working on until after all the Secret Santa are done.


Chookyblue...... said...

do not touch those pattern until the TTS SAL is done..........which should be by the end of the weekend.........Suzie will be back with the other blocks in the morning.........

great patterns too.......

Susan said...

Ooooh... those patterns look very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the pears finished (but you better do as Chookyblue says first!!!)

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