Monday, May 14, 2012

Scandinavian Christmas Fabric

Yes I know it has been around for a little while, but I just love this "Scandinavian Christmas Fabric" by Lynette anderson.

Looking forward to making something out of it - not sure yet - maybe another TIS  Quilt..... that is when I finish the current one.

Also - many thanks to all of you ladies that tried to give me clues on how to upload pics.  I had given up completely after many unsuccessful attempts, but it worked straight away tonight, so really do not what the hiccup has been, but thanks again for all of you that gave me clues.


Susan said...

Lynnette really knows how to design gorgeous fabric. Glad to see you back in pics.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Fabrics Dawnie and another TIS would look great :)

Anonymous said...

Dawnie i have some of that fabric also,its so cute,love those reindeers,looking forward to seeing what you make.xx

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