Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Cold weather, and feeling pretty sorry for the poor pooches outside,  so when my daughter was home on the weekend she purchased a polar fleece jacket for her little pooch.

So.... of course I couldnt resist the challenge to make one for ours.  Hence here they are:

but alas!!!!!
they were toooooo small!!!!!!

that meant it was back to the production line
to make another couple,
plus one extra for "Suzie's" 4 legged friend!!!!

At least my daughter has a couple of spares (ie the smaller ones) for her dog.
 I have to say the dogs have the best sleep over the past 2 nights.
tonight they raced over to me to  have their  superman jackets on!!!!!

Maybe now - I will get the needle and cotton out and finally finish this "TIS" quilt, cost I darent start Anni's kits, or I wont get back to it.!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

what a lovely idea for the puppies,we are having such cold weather,well done and i hope you to get to start back 0n tis a season.xx

Susan said...

Maybe it's not what you want to be sewing but they love you for it.

Vicki said...

Lucky dogs! They look so snuggly, no wonder they slept so well :)

Deb R said...

I need one of those for my little piglet lol IM being strong on my Annis stuff too !!!

Anonymous said...

I have done this in the past and make my little Max a new coat or two every winter. They are so lovely and soft for them aren't they.

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