Sunday, October 21, 2012

Still here - slow on the posts

Just letting you  all know I am still there - just a bit slow on the posts.

Guess where I have just returned from:

You guessed it - gorgeous Armidale.
We spent the weekend in this lovely town.
the other top 3 was last month.... hehheh!!

 Look at this gorgeous sunset yesterday enroute home from Armidale.
Gee we live in such a lovely country!!!

And just so that you dont fall off your chair - I am still stitching.......  just not enough hours in the day to show posts and to stitch as well.  Not to mentioned work!!!!

Hope you are all good and enjoying your stitching time.


Anonymous said...

lovely post Dawnie,xx

Susan said...

Hello you little jet setter! Gorgeous pic of the sunset. I think I know what those hexies are for........

Cathy said...

Life is way too busy sometimes isn't it! Love your hexis!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Missed you Dawnie....that darn work, why do we have to do it.....!!!!...I know so we can have this addiction..

Anita said...

You do get around!! LOL
Glad to see you doing a bit of stitching!

Deb R said...

Yes missing you Miss Dawn...beautiful little hexis!
Never been to Armidale, or Paris or London

Anonymous said...

We were in Armidale the weekend after you :) unfortunately we didn't see much as we headed to Uralla for their festival. Pretty area :))

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