Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Oh please some normality must return soon. Where has the past month gone!!!
Am sure that we have all been busily stitching.

It is hard to do posts when we cannot show anything that we have been stitching!!!

Well - I made these for my daughter who is overseas at the moment, so they were sent via airmail and have arrived, so am safe to do a post :

First I made one

then decided it had to have a matching mate.
I found the pattern here
and just modified the size/trimmings etc.

then I had fun wrapping the pressies and of course
doing the "weight" thing as it soooo expensive to post these days.
Have been keeping our friends in Australia Post in the workplace at the moment!!!


Michelle Ridgway said...

They are gorgeous. Sure to become Christmas keepsakes.

Susan said...

So glad to hear from you. So many parcels, you've been busy.

Anonymous said...

such cute stockings Dawnie,yep australia post have been busy.xx

Anonymous said...

Looking good Dawnie :)

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