Monday, February 11, 2013

And home... finally.... squished and crooked noses!!!

Just reporting in, as it has taken a few days to get home.  We actually arrive in the midst of all that heave flooding/storms in Queensland and it was so scary on the plane.  In fact too dangerous to land in the Gold Coast that we ended up in Brisbane.   That was after the flight was delayed a day, then when we finally did land at 11.30pm we were told it was too dangerous to unload the plane so had no idea when/if we would see any of that luggage again - including Peg and Dale!!!

We ended up having to return home via road and  minus the bags and Peg and Dale,  hoping that one day it could be unloaded from the plane and cleared by customs!!!!!

The end result - roads got shut within an hour behind us when we made it home.
4 days later our bags turned up home!!!  along with Peg and Dale and their crooked noses.
Sorry girls - will have to try and iron them out!!!


Susan said...

I'm sure the girls will bounce back. It sounds like a scary homecoming, glad you're all ok.

Chookyblue...... said...

thank goodness the girls made it home safe and sound.........

Deb R said...

what a wonderful experience...sooo jealous...those chooks are getting sooo famous lol604 tstakeU

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