Sunday, March 10, 2013


Is it just me, or does everyone make a mess of the papers when removing????

I have been working on a project for the past few weeks and today was the day to remove the papers.
Just wondering - does anyone re-use the papers when then they look like this??
ie should I keep them and re-use or just use and lose???


Susan said...

Looks like it's an interesting project. As long as the edges are still crisp I reuse mine. A quick iron flattens them out. If they look too distorted I toss them out.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

no re-useing for me Dawnie...I make a mess

Shiralee Stitches said...

Hi Dawnie.....I can't wait to meet up again at GDITC.......I definitely re-use the papers. A quick dry iron and they go at least once more time, but turn them over and glue from the other side this time. I hope you're bringing the EPP item for show and tell??

May Britt said...

Of course I save them for re-using:)
These paper pieces can be used several times.

Every Stitch said...

I re use and re use them - till they are too soft to hold shape! They do get a bit scrunched getting them out at times :)

Kerry @ Cottage on the Hill said...

I re use my peppers, they can be re used a few times, every now and then I will rip one but all in all I reuse them.

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