Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Show n Tell

I I am in an Online stitching group,
of when I first joined  a few years back there were very few that had  ever met,
however over the past few years there has been various meets/workshops etc where some of the members are and we get to meet the faces that we have been liasing with over the years.

I still have not met all of our 28 members, but have met a quite a few.

They are a very special bunch of ladies and via swaps etc we get to learn more about our "likeminded" blogging friends.
All of our members made a "block"
earlier in the year we all did a block for one of our Members , Jenny- just after the Queensland floods.
It was great to see the finished quilt that a few of the members stitched together.
Just recently we did another quilt for one our members , Christine - this quilt was called "cotton reels"
We all had to make a block which again a few of the lovely ladies all stitched, quilted and binded.
I did the label.


Anonymous said...

there is nothing better than that bloggy bond Dawnie.xx

Susan said...

It seems like such a long time ago that we worked on these blocks. It was fun to be part of a joint quilt. Your blocks and label are lovely.

Deb R said...

Tis gorgeous Dawnie, lovely to own something made by a group of our special friends...ohh and I need a few labels too lol for when I finish something of course!

wish2stitch said...

That's so thoughtful. Label looks good. Nice touch making it yourself.

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