Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nundle Progress... and "Hexies"!!!!

Well I am really trying this year to complete a Nundle project.
am really pleased to say that I have actually managed to sew the   individual hexies together!!!!
of the cute little bag pattern/kit that was our workshop piece which our Tutor Lynette Anderson had designed and our host Kerry from Cottage on the Hill had packaged up for us.

Yep the whole 96 hexies stitched together!!!!

I thought I was going well until I skipped over the "Sam's" blog and saw
that she has already stitched them all together 

I always wonder if it is just me that struggles with hexies!!!
(I am trying so hard to like the littler blighters to)

My scenario:
The cotton  always catches onto the the corner of another hexie and I have to stop and  unwrap
I am constantly pricking my thumb as the needle comes through - ouch
the cotton always breaks
so......... it is one "grrrr after a another"......

but... I  am trying to like them!!!!!!!!

If anyone has any tips on having  a smooth application of piecing them together I would love to hear!!!

Maybe it is a Left handed thing, as these seem to be the only thing I ever struggle with!!!!

Hope you are all having a lovely "Stitching " weekend.


Anonymous said...

you are doing well Dawnie i havent done many hexies before so this will be a challenge for me,i am also a lefty.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Lookinh good those fingers...

Sam said...

You are doing really well Dawnie. I wonder if it is a lefty thing, I do catch my thread a lot especially if its too long (because I hate having to get a new thread all the time)I do also fold my hexies out if the way. My paper is always folded any not the best when I take them out. I like using the thread that Sue Daley showed us a few years ago. I don't know what its called, its the one on the little cardboard spindle. Sorry no help I just find it works really well. Sorry about the long comment.

Fiona@Dragonfly-Sewing said...

Looks great Dawnie.
I have sore wrists from stitching hexie rows together so I'm now stitching one hexie to the row and then attaching the next one. I'm finding it's easier :)
(My new blog

Maree: said...

No Tips on the Hexie's Looking Good Hang in There!

Fiona said...

such a lovely project to do and pretty fabrics... when you have the whole hexie thing worked out you can teach me!!!! haha

Susan said...

Dawnie - I'm late replying but well done on your progress to that stage...96 is a lot isn't it..maybe its the angle that the hexies sit at, when your are sewing...hard to explain but maybe if the pointy bit points down a bit it wont catch as much??
I think Sam means Bottom Line thread...

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