Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oh my goodness - a long time since blogging!!!!!

Not sure where to start.....
but have decided to start where I last dropped off.


These pics are from my recent trip to Japan

 Travelling with my "Stitching" friend Suzie.
Between us we do some damage, but all in good fun.
 These gorgeous little pins are handmade
and we just couldnt leave them behind - they are soo minuature
This needle is handmade and as sharp as razors.
 Some other gorgeous handmade pins

 The Theme for the show this year  seems to be based on the  Moomin Valley Characters and this is the pic of Yoko's quilt that was on the  Event picture for this year.
(I hadnt heard of these Characters before, so it was an eye opener for me).

These are pic of the Moomin Valley Characters

 These are a few pics of the lovely array on other quilts based on the this Moomin Valley theme

 This Silloutte one was my favourite.
Just love how effective it is!!

 And of course so many other lovely quilts.
This one here made up of small pieces to create this Picture!!
 .. and a close up of the flowers - so much work gone into this one.
 This one below was just a series of maroon shaped stuffed circles on a quilt.
Again soo much work.
 Then of course plenty of other gorgeous quilts with lots of hand quilting.
Photos just dont do the justice, but truley amazing.

 "needless" to say, we managed to purchase some goodies to bring home.


bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

I love the Moomins. I still have all the books from my childhood. These quilts are so beautiful. I would have loved to have seen them all.

Susan said...

I bet you were in taupe heaven!

Tatkis said...

What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing all those fantastic quilts!


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