Monday, June 13, 2016

Sewing party continues at my house......

You have just got to love l o n g weekends!!!!!
Lots of stitching happenening here this weekend....

A continuation from last weekend... More foundation piecing.......

Hooray at last All the pieces done

Now the best bit.... Joining them together!!!!

It is all coming together

The same but different

And then to join them all together!

Long weekend  is over and i am out of fabric for borders....., but managed to get this far!!!

Pattern, this is a Carolyn Hughey design .

Looking forward to finishing this quilt which i done using flannels. It will be warm over these cooler winter months.


Jenny said...

Looks really snugly and I love the colours

paulette said...

LOVE EVERYTHING about this quilt!!! PERFECT!!

Fiona said...

I just love it Dawn... so clever and effective with the fabrics you have chosen

Susan said...

Oh those pussy cats are so sweet.

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