Sunday, March 26, 2017

Well it has been a while since I have been in blogland,..... but I have had trouble signing in!!!

Any way - nothing has change here - it is one continuous Stitching world at this house!!!!

Last weekend - we had the "Annual" Girls Day In The Country in Nundle.  Unfortunately we have since learnt that this is the last one ...... so of course  we are all  disappointed,  having formed such wonderful friendships which for me has been over the past 8 years for this event,.
I am sure that it will still continue on.... we will make it happen!!!!

We had the lovely Bonnie Sullivan this year at the venue in Nundle which was organised by Kerry  from "Cottage on the Hill" who has done a great job getting it all  organised with all the set up , kit making etc etc to have it ready for the day.

Our project was something totally different this year and was a combination of an old quilt which we did some wool applique on and all set in a bamboo basket.

Of course I couldnt help myself to change to match my Japanese themed things at home, so did a little boro on top.

It was a great workshop and we did the Bamboo steamer, pincushion inside the lid and a needlebook.
Just loved doing this project and Bonnie was such a lovely tutor.  Kerry - thanks for organising a great weekend to make it once again a great success!!!

I will put some Nundle pics of all the fabulous girls soon - just need to work out out to download them to computer as cannot upload from phone to web!!!


Chookyblue...... said...

so pleased to see you back in blogland and even better bin real life last weekend......

Jenny said...

Dawnie that is a beautiful look you've added to your basket. I still cant believe I got both of your swaps . How lucky am I ...pretty lucky I would say.

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