Sunday, October 12, 2008

THE LATEST HOMESPUN -No. 65 - Vol 9 /No.10 - My Mug Bag Pic is published!!

For anyone whom follows my blog, you will know that back a few months ago, I was new to blogging, and my first ever post I wrote about a "Mug Bag" pattern which I saw in a Homespun Magazine whom a Mailbag reader had sent in of her end result.

Impressed with this design, I then tried to track down the pattern, and ended up finding the reader who sent her picture in. She then sent me her copy. I then sent her a pic of my adaptions, and she suggested I send this into Homespun to show them my version as I added a little more depth with the paint brush after completing the sewing.

This great person ended up introducing me to the world of blogging, and also the Angel Swap and we have been great blogging buddies since. This is the wonderful Jo.

Anyway the end result was the magazine ended up publishing the pictures of My version of the Mug Bag and story in this months Homespun.

Isnt it just amazing with technology how you just meet people whom you dont even know and communicate with them and share your ideas and creations. Thanks to the world of blogging since and Jo whom got me started. I am still amazed as to how generous and sharing everyone all is.

These are the pics

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Jo in Tas said...

I did tell you it's addictive!
Congrats on getting the pictures published too, your mug bag looks great!!

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