Friday, December 26, 2008


Jo was the person who first told me about the "blogging" thing, after I had joined up to the Chooky Blues Secret Santa where the conditions were that one had to have a blog. Jo I had been in contact prior by sheer co-incidence after I had tracked her down by an article in a Homespun magazine. Anyway to cut this very long story short - I have been in contact with Jo via our blogs on a regular basis, however, still we have not met. Anyway we organised a Xmas swap between us ( the first one I have done outside the Angel Swapper and Secret Santa, so if has been fun). Jo has made me this lovely bag and Swan Decoration - thank you Jo - they are both lovely.

I am still amazed as to how many fabulous Craft& Patchwork people I have met out there and of which many of us would have never met, should it not have been for this "blogging" thing. What an inspiration this whole thing is - hope you all had an enjoyable and safe Christmas.
Thank you Jo - just lovely.

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Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Hi there...yes I agree, there are many fabulous Craft & Patchwork people in Blogland!!! I hope you had an enjoyable and safe Christmas also...and Happy New Year to you!!!

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