Friday, September 25, 2009


Does anyone know of any "not to be missed" Quilt Shops in any of these cities.
If so, would love to hear from you.


Allie said...

No, but there's some nice ones near Detroit - lol, I'd love to talk you into coming here!

Anonymous said...

try fabricville (

Anonymous said...

Try Fabricville....great selection

Anonymous said...

Hello there Dawn,

I hope that I am not too late...In Quebec there are not too many places for quilting supplies...Lately, I have been ordering my quilting supplies for Sew Sisters in Toronto...3961 Chesswood Drive, Toronto. There is also a quaint little place THE QUILTING PATCH,88 DEARHAM WOOD,TORONTO. In Quebec city there is a Fabricville (google it)...they sell material at decent prices but nothing in kits etc. In Montreal there is a decent Fabricville at Place Versailles. Some of my quilting guild members go to a place called Penelopes, Pénélope Machines à Coudre
1651, boul. des Promenades
St. Hubert. I have yet to go but it is on my list. There is a specific quilting section inside a major fabric store....always interesting. Let me know how you make out and where you end up going! Where I live in Quebec there is not much. Sometimes I feel like we are way behind in the materials here but ahead on our projects because of the magazines!

Sarah said...

You going away Dawnie..... a 'perks' holiday?
x Sarah

Gin said...

Hi, in Montreal I can recommend:

Fabricville (they have several shops with a big assortment, I find the one in Pointe Claire is best stocked). You can find their shops on their website.

Also, in Pointe Claire which is just 25 min from montreal downtown, there's a little quilt shop, a little expensive to my taste, but you might find it to your liking. The name is Maison de Calico and the address:

Maison de Calico
324 Lakeshore
Pointe Claire
514 695 0728
(from montreal, take hw 20 westbound and exit at Cartier Avenue. Turn right on Lakeshore and you'll find it pretty soon).

And if you have the time you cant try St Hubert St. where there are many fabric shops. There are a few particular ones where you can find quilting cotton for about 5 CAD a metre, which is pretty swell in my opinion!

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