Sunday, October 11, 2009


How surprised was I.....................

I thought it time to do a decent and ruthless clean out in the craft room,
so with the long weekend in place and a few days to enjoy being at home,
I decided to get EVERYTHING out of this room, paint it and be very ruthless.

I asked dh if he would assist by going and getting some empty boxes.

When he arrived about an hour later he said that he could only find the ONE
and had left it in the hallway for me.

Can you imagine what I thought when I saw this:

Oh my gooness, that definitely lost all concentration.
He had gone and got me the great little Bernina Sewing Machine
that I had used the Quilters Show a few weeks back.

I couldnt wait to open the box.  This is what I found when I did:

Needless to say - it took a bit of doing trying to get the motivation back in to play to get the room painted.
Anyway with so much excitement the room did get  painted with an adrenalin rush and in record time of a few hours later - my new machine was all set up and ready for me to get  stuck into the instructions.

My good old Elna faithful, I have had over 30 years and has certainly done a lot of mileage, but at the end of the day all it can do is straight stitch and zig zag, so it was time to upgrade.  But my little Elna SP will keep on keeping on - is a great little machine too, but is now just having a little break.



paulette said...

Wow You are a one lucky woman!! What a sweetheart...your husband that is...and they new machine ain't half bad either!! Pretty sweet! and it's not even your birthday!!

Allie said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think he wins the hubby of the year award - maybe hubby of the decade? You are going to have too much fun! I can't believe you were able to get the room painted before you fired her up - you have the willpower of a saint! Congratulations on your new baby, Dawnie!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...


Jo Jo said...

What a man!!!! I am so happy for you Dawnie...I bet you are itching for some stitching on this baby? Enjoy my friend! Jo xox

Owens Family Adventures said...

OH MY OH MY OH MY!!!! A lucky woman is one who is a quilter.....and has a hubby who "gets her!" He wins the husband of the year award in my book!!! Wow!!!

loulee said...

What a man!! You lucky girl. I'm not sure I'd have carried on with the painting.

Mama Spark said...

WOWSER!! He is certainly a keeper!! You are going to love her! I love my Bernina. Have fun trialing her out!!

Sarah said...

WOW!! You lucky gal! If it were me, I would not have got back to the painting lol
x Sarah

Jackie said...

Your husband should get the husband of the year award! Not only because of him buying it for you but the way he gave it to you. He clearly put a lot of thought into it!

I purchased the same machine about a month ago and enjoy every moment I get to spend sewing. Congratulations!

Dawn said...

What a great guy!!! You will love your new Bernina. I love mine!

Stina said...

WOW... that was the gift of the year!!!! :o) What a wonderful surprise... WOW ..again... :o) What a happy day for you.. have fun!!!! :o)

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG how dh would never think of this..........

aniza said...

oh! what a sweet surprise and you are indeed such a lucky woman!!!!!! Enjoy!

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