Sunday, March 25, 2012

Enroute to Nundle - Friday Day 1

It's always nice to have a day off work and even better when you are going somewhere where you enjoy a weekend to sew. Our 5 hour drive took 8.5 as in true "shopping addiction" style stopping at every little local town enroute to Nundle for our Annual weekend reunion with many ladies met only via blogging.

 First stop was a great little shop in Dorrigo, but I forget to get the Camera out.
Next Stop was Armidale and a great little patchwork shop there - Get Stitched

And right next the door the best Kitchen shop - wow did they have some of the best things there.
We got lost in here for a little while.

Next stop was Uralla and the Wool Room there.
Some lovely wools and garments there  but we only window shopped there.

Plenty of Sugar enroute to keep the energy levels up!!

And finally we made it to Kerry's - Cottage on the Hill to stock up on a few supplies before the big sewing day tomorrow.

We had dinner at this gorgeous little Pub in Nundle

right across from the motel.
Such a pretty little town

Before finishing off some final binding that was way overdue to be finished

and helped by Suzie to get me to the finish line....

Next post will be the actual stitching day and the "Guest Tutor"!!!.....


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You two have an photos Dawnie, I am sure you and Suzie had a ball...8.5 hours to get there....LOL

Chookyblue...... said...

so sad I missed you for dinner Friday night.......what you didn't get me to help with the binding....????
Missed seeing the quilt.......

Anita said...

I misssed the quilt too!! Next time stay at the cabins with us.....and come to the right place for dinner LOL

Bec said...

Looks like a lovely start to your weekend....looking forward to seeing more pictures as you blog them. Did you know there was a quilt show on in Armidale on the Saturday and Sunday????
In My Garden is looking gorgeous....
sorry to have missed you both this year, but as I slept most of Friday and Saturday I wouldn't have been very good company!

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