Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NUNDLE - GDITH 2012 - Saturday - PM

The day continued - lots of chatting and some of us visited the lovely Nundle Knitting Mill across the road.

Some of the colours of the wool were fabulous and seeing
that Tea cosies are really "in" at the moment
the Nundle Green is the one in the book, so it was a "must have"

these are some of the gorgeous quilts Sue Daley had on display around the hall.
All English Paper piecing - delightful - some from her new book just released a few months ago.

Cardy and Lise

Anita  , Donna doing a good job selling the raffle tickets. Peg and Dale also sitting on the table.
the winning of the Raffle - from Left to right
Aunty Alison, Ann Marie, Fiona, Jenny and Donna

and Nundle wouldn't be the same without the "traditional and annual blogging" picture
I am pleased to say I think I managed to get to speak to all these lovely ladies this time thanks to the Name tags we were encouraged to make.

Cardy, Sue and Tracie (the top achiever)
I still don't know how she managed to get that many rows done!!!
I did try to distract her during the day too.

Always a joy watching "Show n tell"
some ladies brought in their paper pieced quilts to show everyone.

 Deb checking out all projects.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

How good was that raffle Dawnie...glad we could sit there with the girls for a while...I had a call from Tanya today, so good to cha to her...the show and tell, OMG...and the projects...I think I need a new one, look at that wool...love green....what did you purchase??? great photos Dawnie....

Cardygirl said...

great pics!

Deb R - frog cottage said...

Your last pic should read, Deb checking out the projects BEFORE I scared the crappers outta her lol
We did have a great day hey!!!

paulette said...

Thanks for taking us along!! what fun! I love the Clam Shell project that you worked on! I hope you show us more of what you worked on and how you did it!! I see you are making yours in 'OUR' colours!! haha

Chocolate Cat said...

Gosh we had a lovely weekend, it was so nice to meet you and to share our table. We were very lucky. Heard you managed to track down some spotty topped knitting needles, I can stop feeling guilty now!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely pics Dawnie.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

love all your pics........I missed show and tell......

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