Sunday, April 1, 2012


*  OK here comes basic "Dawnie's" question again!!!!

*  Does anyone have an iPad that they can directly upload pics from their iPad to their blog???
*  I can download the pics from Camera to iPad - not a problem, but when I try and upload to blog it says has to be done from the web??

There must be a setting to change or something???
If anyone knows how to do this if they could let me know that would be fabulous.

thank you
Hope you are all having a good weekend for for this that went to Nundle last week, I wonder if you are finishing off your projects??


Chocolate Cat said...

Can't believe it is a week ago already, still haven't got any more clam shells done but they are on todays list!!

Cardygirl said...

I haven't tried to do this but I have a camera connection kit and I update my photos to my Ipad...will have to investigate!

bettsylyn said...

I have the Blogger app on my iphone and I can do my blog directly from that so I would assume that it is the same from ipad.
The post I did with Peg and Dawn in it was from my phone on the night, so apart from not having the picture the right size it did work for me. Otherwise can you go in from Safari and sign into blogger there and get it to work. I don't have an ipad so can't help exactly but I figure that if you can do it on the phone the ipad must be able to do it too.

bettsylyn said...

oh forgot to say that I am working on my clamshells. Silly me didn't take a photo of what I did at Nundle so when I get around to it it will be a bit bigger.

Lene said...

I just got my new iPad, and was also disappointed that I could not download photos to my blog. After some googling, I found that I needed to download an app called BlogPress. That fixed it all:) I struggled more getting the photos from my camera to the iPad, but fixed that, too. Good luck!

SuziQ said...

Hi Dawnie, hope this link helps.

I am an Apple user and have also found some problems with iPad. I did a search and came up with the following link. There are a couple of comments to read through but I am sure there will be one there which can help. Hope all goes well for you. Regards, SuziQ

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