Sunday, April 28, 2013

A nice "Spool" find!!!

Out shopping the other day ( a rare occasion these days)  and came across these Spools for sale - from of all places "Blue Illusion"!! and they weren't only half price but marked down a further 20% so were a bargain.!!!

 A big bigger than the "ideal" size,  but hey they make a great display and am bound to have some chunky something to use them for.
Well I have put one to use already.

Oh this silly wheel on the Scooter of my "Red Home" Quilt - 
it was driving me mad as I had "overstitched" it   (as pictured in a  previous post), so I unpicked it and re-did:
now the tyre looks like someone has pumped it out of shape - oops !!!.
Oh well as Cathy would say - "It's only a Country Quilt"!!! so I can get away with it.
And this week  - it was the "birdie" block
but I can same that I am happy with him.

Only a few more to go now .


Susan said...

The spools were a great find. Your locks are beautiful, don't worry about the wheel.

Cheryl said...

Love the spools - such a great find Dawnie. your Red Home blocks are looking fantastic. Must get moving on mine

SuziQ said...

Love those spools . . . and I have been watching your progress on Red Home Quilt, which is looking fabulous - well done Dawnie. Cheers, SuziQ

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