Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sub Heading under Blog name????

I have noticed on some blogs that you can put a "Tab" for things like - Swaps, Recipes, finished things or whatever - then list them under each of those tabs.

Does anyone know how to "add" these to the blog??
I have looked in "Page Layout" and "add a gadget"??  but after a few experiments still cannot find.
If anyone has any info on "how to" I would be very grateful.

Many thanks


simplestitches said...

Hi Dawnie, on your blog up the top click on DESIGN, this will bring up your DASHBOARD, on the left side there is a list of things, NEW POST, OVERVIEW, POSTS etc., there is one called PAGES, click on this and it will bring up another screen where you can make new pages (button at the top left), then it's just like doing a post, but it's a tab under the heading.
When you want to add stuff to each page, click edit on the pages tab, enter info and click publish...they are just like doing posts.
hope you find this helpful

Sue W ♥ said...

Not sure if this is what you want but go into design (top right) click on pages on the lhs and choose 'show pages as' on the pull down menu and save

hope this helps

Schulz Family said...

Hi - after you have done what simplestitches has told you. You can then go into the Layout page and either put the new pages at the top of your page or down the side, depending on the look you want.

Chookyblue...... said...

Also think of the page as being one post.........if you want to add more to it you edit the post........

Cheryll said...

Looks like you have your Good luck playing with "pages" :)

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