Monday, April 29, 2013

A "Surprise" Gift in the mail!!!!!

I was and still am in total shock tonight when hubby brought in some mail for me.
Inside was this little bundle addressed to me.

Gee it is not even my birthday, I wonder who is sending me  something,  especially when I have been so good lately not spending so knew it definitely wasn't something that I had ordered.

But wow inside was this gorgeous little bird from  "Susan".  In her normal  sewing fashion ii is just iresistable and the stitching is just so beautiful. I am very lucky to have some of her work.

Well the birdie has made its way immediately to my special scissors.

thank you so much Susan - what a lovely surprise.
Just love it.


Anonymous said...

Susan is such a sweetie what a lovely gift to send to you,its nice to get a surprise.xx

Jo in TAS said...

Very cute, lucky you Dawnie!

Lorraine said...

Really cute!! can't beat a lovely surprise....

Vicki said...

Nice to get little surprises in the mail XX

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What a wonderful surprise Dawnie..

wish2stitch said...

What a sweet little bird. What a lovely suprise.

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