Sunday, May 5, 2013


But first....... one thing I always make a "Priority" on any quilt is a "Label" - how fun it is to look at down the track, as in this case for example!!!!

A visit to one my daughter's over the weekend, took me back some years when I was shocked she got out some "early" days things that either she started when she wanted to sew as a child , and which I helped finished.  Just by looking at the fabrics one can tell how quickly fabric styles change.
This was a cushion she made when she was young and very keen to learn how to stitch.
Looking back it would have to be at least 13 years back now.
A bit of Debbie Mum fabric there I see - loved
this when it first came out.

Then a few years later she decided she wanted to make a quilt.
Starting was very productive, then it took a few years for her to get back to it, but it doesnt matter,
it was finished in the end and I helped her put it together back in 2007 and quilt  to have it finished.

Gee back then, we didnt even have a digital camera, so I actually forgot about this one
and could believe it when I saw it tucked up under her coffee table - she has had it stashed somewhere all this time.

Then there was "leaving home" quilt  - even this was only 6 years ago, but wow havent the styles changed now compared to the "Country style" back then!!!!

Again - so worth doing a label, as it brings so much joy looking at down the track - it was funny , I didnt remember either of these two quilts  until they fronted, then the first thing I did was flip them to read the label!!!!


newsurfiegirl said...

Love your labels! It is something I need to get into the habit of using. I regret not using them on the quilts I made in the past now.

Susan said...

Gorgeous memories Dawnie. Some of my first quilts make me cringe, but they are all part of the journey. Love your labels, and I'm sure your daughter appreciates them too.

Anonymous said...

now i understand why a label is needed Dawnie,have a good week.xx

Michelle said...

Your daughter is lucky to have these memories! I do love the labels and I must admit I often laugh at my first few quilts!!! They are hiding in a cupboard?

Noela said...

Quilts definitely need a label. How lovely to look back over your daughter's quilts and know when they were made and the history behind them. Hugs.....

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What wonderful memories Dawnie....

Cheryll said...

What lovely memories in that post for you I'm sure. It's FuN looking back isn't it! :)

Deb R said...

Such wonderful memories!! Love the label...need make mine a priority! Not an after thought !

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