Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Torment of waiting one day for each pressie!!!!!

In my 6 swap that I was in - these are the lovely pressies that Leonie has given me.  I have now tracked her down but she doesnt have a blog - (yet) - trying to convince her to get started, so hopefully she will and I will be able to put her link .  She does beautiful work!!.

Pressie 2 was very welcome and another of my favourites - "Something to eat":
 Pressie 3 - very intriguing??  wrapped in fabric: "Something for the Sewing room"!:
 Very happy with this useful creation - a pincushion (something I am soo lacking at the moment, scissors with holder and a spool holder - very clever - just love this one !!!!!

Thank you,
I will open the next two over the next two days!!!!


Anonymous said...

very nice goodies Dawnie.xx

Susan said...

Lovely goodies.

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